Ways to Engage Your Patient:


Patient Engagement = More Scheduled Treatments

Patients with outstanding treatment needs should be scheduled as soon as possible. But, with the multitude of constant activities your front team needs to do, it is difficult to stay on top of everything. This is why an automated system to remind patients of their outstanding treatment will result in better care for your patients, increased revenue, happier staff, and overall increased satisfaction.


A Digital Solution to Communication Challenges

Unscheduled treatments can be a major problem for dental clinics, leading to decreased patient retention and a loss of revenue. An automatic patient communication system will help increase bookings, revenue, and elevate the patient care level by keeping your patients’ outstanding treatment top-of-mind. By leveraging technology to improve patient engagement and communication, clinics can provide a better patient experience and ultimately increase revenue and loyalty.

Learn more about how going digital in your patient communication is the future—and the now.


By providing personalized messages and customized offers to patients as ways of incentivizing them to schedule an appointment, you are able to fill a dentist’s schedule. Follow-up reminders can also be sent to patients who have expressed interest in scheduling an appointment but have not yet done so.


The system can send reminders and follow-ups to patients who are in need of treatment, encouraging them to schedule an appointment. This proactive approach can increase the likelihood of patients booking appointments and ultimately increase revenue for the clinic.


The system can provide patients with timely information about future treatments, including details about the procedure, what to expect during and after the treatment, and any preparation that may be required. This information can help patients feel more informed and prepared, leading to a more positive patient experience, increased loyalty, and repeat visits.

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