Ways to Engage Your Patient:


Digital reminders are used daily everywhere—Now it’s time to take it to the next level with intelligent automation

EngageB will greatly benefit your clinic by increasing patient engagement and improving overall clinic efficiency. By sending automated reminders to your patients via text or email, it will help reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations, leading to more stable scheduling and better use of clinic resources. Additionally, patients can easily confirm their appointments, reducing time spent on confirmation calls.


Why is Our Automation Better?

Automation is only as powerful as the elements behind it. Below are just a few highlights of EngageB’s elements, which separate us from the competition:


  • Branding: Customize your appearance by choosing a color scheme and logo
  • Intervals: Determine the frequency of messages depending on appointment statuses
  • Content: Set up different messages to send to your patients with different appointment statuses


  • Choose one of our templates
  • Choose to create a new template from scratch
  • Choose the time it is sent
  • Choose a subset of patients based on appointment date, appointment status, or provider


  • Get notified when our system sends out communication to patients
  • See statuses change in your schedule when communication is sent
  • See statuses change in your schedule when patients confirm
  • Get notified when attempts to send fail

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